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Who do I contact if there is a problem?

All customer support is provided by your Bus Captain.

Crowdtrips.com can only answer billing questions at 877 550 6536 x151 or by emailing Customerservice@crowdtrips.com.

What is CrowdTrips?

CrowdTrips is a revolutionary platform that allows people to create and join trips online, split travel costs and share a ride. The system supports flexible payment options that guarantee easy and secure splitting of costs with friends or strangers. The platform stores all trip details in one secure location.

What is a public trip?

A public trip is a shared type trip that is free for everyone to join on crowdtrips.com You can invite friends or strangers by email or sharing through social media. Public trips are managed by a Bus Captain. You can join a public trip and pay for one person or pay for multiple people.

What is a private trip?

The private trip is not listed in the search results and can be accessed by the Bus Captain and the people invited through email or sharing. You decide when you depart and return, who to join and what ride to have. The private trip can be managed by a Bus Captain or Bus Captain.

How to join a trip?

Joining a trip at CrowdTrips.com is easy. You just need to select the number of passengers you're paying for (tickets) and add credit card details.

Who is the Bus Captain?

The Bus Captain is the person who creates the trip and is responsible for managing the trip and making decisions when necessary. The Bus Captain is the owner of the trip and only he can accept or reject join requests, can edit the privacy of a trip and its name and can make itinerary changes. The Bus Captain also has the option to add another Bus Captain to the trip.

Are all payments split evenly?

The individual trip cost is set by the total trip price and the group size. The pricing for each trip is calculated based on current costs and may vary if changes occur. If you're paying for multiple people, your trip price will be based on the number of people you're paying for.

How do I contact people in the group?

Each trip has its own Trip Board, where you can chat with your fellow CrowdTrippers. All participants have access to the board and can post and comment on the Trip Wall, upload images or files and discuss trip details.

Can I join public trips?

Yes, you can join any public trip that has available seats and is open for free joining. For some trips, join requests may have to be approved by the Bus Captain.

How are payments taken?

The only available payment method is by credit card. The payments are processed after the trip is booked by the Bus Captain. A deposit is due at time of booking, with the remaining balance due 30 business days prior to your trip.

If the booking is 30 days before the pick-up date, the whole amount is due at the time of booking.

Do I get a receipt?

Yes, receipts are issued for each trip payment. All receipts can be found under Receipts in the user profile.

Can I pay with multiple credit cards?

Yes, CrowdTrips allows you to split trip payments between multiple credit cards. You can add new credit cards from the Billing settings.

What if we do not hit the number of people to join the trip?

A trip can be booked only when it has reached the set number of people. If you don't hit the number of people by the time of the trip, it will expire and be removed from the search results. You can also cancel your trip at any time and create a new one.

How do I prove that I paid and join a public trip?

We require all passengers to provide ID card and a printed out or a digital receipt to the Bus Captain prior to boarding. Please, make sure you have you ID card and receipt with you at the time of the departure.

Can I cancel a trip?

Yes, you can cancel your trip. Booking cancellation fees applied.