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See how group travel got a whole lot easier!

Group travel just got a whole lot easier!

Crowdtrips is like ridesharing, only with groups. Think of it as a new type of crowd sourcing through a "bus share" or a "crowd trip".

Be the one to take ridesharing to the next level — group travel — the ultimate rideshare.

Build and plan your own group trip and make yourself the planner. Be the "Captain of the Trip". Planning a bus trip is easy.

Make it Happen, Captain!


Every group needs a leader

Be a bus captain and make things happen.

Does being a leader sound hard? No worries. We make it easy. It’s someone who gets the ball rolling. Someone to come up with a bright travel idea. And someone to spread the word to everyone in the group. If you can do those things, then you can be a bus captain.

What kind of group do you have?

  • Students
  • Sports team
  • Activist
  • Youth group
  • Church group

Benefits of Being a Captain

As Bus Captain, you get to ride free. You get to pick the trip destination, determine the group size, decide whether the trip is private or open to the public, and designate the pickup and drop-off locations.

Pick Your Vehicle

Depending on the event, you can pick your vehicle.

Depending on the event, you can pick your vehicle. Going to a game? Traveling to a weekend retreat? Taking students on a field trip? Going to the prom or after prom parties? Is your family having a reunion? Are you heading to a concert?

Whether you need a motorcoach, mini-bus, party bus or limo, we’ve got the vehicle. Your choice.

We can get you the best price and coordinate everything for you.

Create your Trip on Crowdtrips

Pick You Vehicle

Up for Exploring or Going on an Adventure?

It’s Easy!

Let’s say your favorite band is coming to town. Or a music festival is a few months out. Create a crowdtrip. Open it to the public. Let people know about your trip through Social Media. Watch other music-lovers join your trip. Make some new friends. Chat with them on social media. You’ll get to meet them on the bus and experience on an adventure of your own making.

But You’re Not a Leader?

Now CrowdTrips makes it easy be part of the action. Choose from many active trips, marches, and festival events that others have created. Look over events in your area and simply click on a trip that interests you. Connect online. You can communicate directly with the Bus Captain to get more details. Interested? Go ahead and purchase your seats and join the fun.

If you don’t see a trip that appeals to you, here’s another option. Get a friend, co-worker or family member to create a trip you’d all enjoy.

Join a Trip or Create a Trip

Pick Your Vehicle


Plan and make payments online.

Bring your E-ticket.

Come to the designated pickup spot. No worries — we’ll provide you with directions.

Sit back and enjoy the ride!

Sharing Costs

Divide and share the costs.

You’ll need 20 people or more.

Pay your portion or for multiple people.

No one’s credit card is charged until you reach your GO LIVE number of passengers — the number required for your trip.


Log into our secure online location.

You can see all the payments.

See the trip details.

Chat with group members to discuss your trip.

Green Travel

Did you know charter buses are the greenest form of transportation in the nation? It’s true. A charter bus can take up to 50 vehicles off the road. Do your part to help reduce our carbon footprint. Help save the environment.

Safety at Your Fingertips

When you tap the screen to create a trip, everyone joining will be safe. Bus charters are safer than any other mode of ground travel. Your professional driver tackles all the traffic, directions and parking hassles for you. Travel stress free!